2014,  Cameroon

Cameroon – 2014


Having already checked out The Suya Spot and Harlem Underground as potential African World Cup Team watching spots, I decided to check out Yauca’s Lounge. After the closing of Chez La Belle Africaine, a hot spot for Cameroon fans for the 2010 world cup, I thought there might be some fans that would migrate to Dovercourt to check out the games. It wasn’t a fantastic turnout, but there were legitimate, if not jersey draped, fans of Cameroon. Turned out to be a pretty terrible game for Cameroon and a tough way to exit the World Cup. Still, really nice bar and the food looked great. I know I will be back.

Date: June 18, 2014
Score of game: Cameroon 0, Croatia 4
Location: Yauca’s Lounge, 755 Dovercourt Road, Toronto, ON
Estimated number of fans at location: 8








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