• 2014,  Argentina

    Argentina – 2014

    Sky Ranch Restaurant was unanimously picked as the place to be in Toronto to watch Argentina in the World Cup. I hadn’t been there yet, and what better time to go than during a semi-final game! Turns out to be…

  • World Cup in Toronto - Fans from All World Cup Countries in GTA
    2014,  Chile

    Chile – 2014

    Wow. Spain is out, Chile has advanced. Still one game to go in the first round. Wow. Deep breath…. and I don’t even really like soccer, but wow, deep breath… Unfortunately, I missed the first half and the two Chilean…

  • 2014,  Iran

    Iran – 2014

    Easily considered the least exciting game of the 2014 World Cup, you wouldn’t know it if you were watching it with the Iranian fans in the Boston Pizza at Yonge and Sheppard. This place was packed, wall to wall, floor…

  • 2014,  Nigeria

    Nigeria – 2014

    The Suya Spot on Weston Road is the African Nation World Cup headquarters in Toronto, no question. They don’t only have jerseys and flags from all four of the subsaharan African countries proudly on the wall – Nigeria, Ivory Coast,…

  • Croatia world cup fans in mississauga
    2014,  Croatia

    Croatia – 2014

    Croatia fans erupt with a goal at Croatia restaurant in Mississauga. [/caption]First goal of the 2014 World Cup went to Croatia when Marcelo scored on his own net. The reaction from the happily stunned Croatian fans at Croatia Restaurant in…