• Senegal World Cup Fan Toronto
    2022,  Senegal

    Senegal – 2022

    As much as I love watching and cheering on the games with dozens or hundreds of fans, there is something so pure about watching a game with a fan in a home, in their comfortable spot they have likely watched…

  • Morocco World Cup Fans Toronto
    2022,  Morocco

    Morocco – 2022

    Spending the first half with the Morocco World Cup fans in Toronto on Sunday was an absolute joy and the whole reason I have continued doing this project for so many years. The game watch, hosted by the Moroccan Association…

  • England World Cup Fans in Toronto
    2022,  England

    England – 2022

    There are a lot of emotions present for a passionate fans watching a World Cup game, there is no question about it, kind of the whole point of this project to begin with, but there might not be more emotions…

  • Poland World Cup Fans Toronto Mississauga
    2022,  Poland

    Poland – 2022

    I had strolled along Roncesvalles during Poland’s first game on November 22, and while I found some Polish fans at Chopin, I decided to check out Orbit Restaurant in Mississauga. The place was jammed, and while I got there late,…

  • Eduador World Cup Fans Toronto El-Tipico Ecuatoriano
    2022,  Ecuador

    Ecuador – 2022

    When looking for Ecuador World Cup fans in Toronto this year, I was elated to see that the very same restaurant I visited in 2006 was still open, still serving amazing Ecuadorian food, and still the hot spot for Ecuador…

  • Canada World Cup Fans Toronto Cafe Diplomatico
    2022,  Canada

    Canada – 2022

    The anticipation was high. Canada played really well and proved they can compete at the highest level. It was a bummer not to win and not to score a goal. I’d love to go into all the details of the…

  • Denmark World Cup Fans in Toronto
    2022,  Denmark

    Denmark – 2022

    Danish World Cup fans in Toronto have done it right. They have paired themselves with a specific venue and broadcasted it out to anyone who is interested. By doing this, their fans have no doubt if they are going to…