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Where to Watch the World Cup in Toronto

I’m still working on the 2018 list of places on where to watch the World Cup in Toronto, but I’ll be posting updates as the kick-off approaches and into the tournament. Keep your eye out for great lists/information from The Toronto Star and Globe & Mail blogs. I’m going to leave my list from 2014 as a lot of the same venues will apply to repeat teams. The map at the bottom, collected since 2006, is very much relevant today.

2018 Venues


There are three great confirmed destinations in the GTA if you are looking for where to watch Peru World Cup games in Toronto. With restaurants in Woodbridge, Toronto, and Oakville, there is no excuse not to get out to support a team that is ending their 36-year World Cup drought.
Mochica – Toronto – In the heart of Toronto’s most reliable soccer viewing destinations, Mochica is opening early for supporters of Peru, and serving delicious food at the same time.
Address: 614 College St, Toronto, ON M6G 1B4
RSVP: 647-352-1641
Me Sabe A Peru – Woodbridge – Plenty of TVs and projection of the broadcast will make for a great venue in Woodbridge.
Address: 4000 Steeles Ave W – Woodbridge
RSVP: 905-850-5585
Machu Picchu Restaurant – Oakville
Address: 1272 Speers Rd, Oakville, ON L6L 2X4, Canada
RSVP: 905-847-2228


If you are wondering where to watch Iceland World Cup games in Toronto with a lot of supporters, your best bet is the first game on June 16. The match start time is 9 AM and there is going the Icelandic Canadian Club will be gathering at The Football Factory on Bathurst. It is an RSVP event, but if you are cheering for Iceland, you probably already know about it. I’ll definitely be there.
Update: Iceland supporters are invited to join a less formal viewing on Friday, June 22nd at 11am to watch their match versus Nigeria at Il Gatto Nero Caffè Bar, 720 College St., Toronto, ON. You can see the facebook event page here.


The Swiss Club of Toronto has declared The Rushton on St. Clair Avenue West as their viewing head quarters. What’s amazing about the Swiss schedule is that all three games of the round of 32 all start at 2pm. This venue isn’t large so get there early.


Betty’s at 240 King Street East, Toronto has been declared the official venue for Danish fans by the Danish Canadian Chamber of Commerce for the tournament, including the 8am start on June 21 vrs. Australia.


Baro at 485 King Street West, Toronto has declared themselves Colombia headquarters, and I think they are pretty serious about it.
The Office Pub, a great place to watch all the World Cup games, has also declared themselves the Colombia headquarters in Toronto. The Office Pub was an amazing location for American fans in 2014, it’s a shame they are not in the World Cup this year.
Some of my favourite photos from 2014 were of Columbia fans at El Cielo at 2290 Keele St. near Lawerence Ave. West. It’s a brand new restaurant now called Boca-Chica and it’s going to be another great spot to watch games this year.


I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the pan-African hotspot The Suya Spot in North York. It’s a solid spot and the party often spills out into the parking lot.


There will be German fans in likely every bar in town, but three epicentres are The Pint at 277 Front St. West in Toronto, The German Canadian Club Hansa in Brampton and WVRST on King Street West. I got a media invitation from the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Toronto that said The Pint will be their bar of choice, noting that over 200 German fans are expected there for their first game on Sunday. If it’s anything like The Antler Room from 2014, it’s bound to be rocking. The Hansa Haus in Brampton is likely a better family friendly option, they will be open one hour before each Germany World Cup game. There will be a $6 admission fee. WVRST will have the German games on their big screen and will be another central location sure to be rocking.


Hemingway’s in Yorkville has been a good spot to find Australia fans in the past, and they are even opening for the 6 AM match against France on Saturday, so I know they are pretty committed.


Iran fans had a huge viewing party in 2014 and I’ve been told they are gathering again this year, but this time at St. Louis Bar & Grill at 5307 Yonge St in Toronto for the 11 AM game on Friday, June 15.


For the third FIFA World Cup in a row, the Japanese Football Club of Toronto has organized a family friendly event for Japanese supporters, this time at Soccerworld Polson Pier. The event will be held on June 24th, starting at 9:30 AM (kickoff is at 11 AM) until 2 PM. You can purchase tickets to the event at Eventbrite.


A great option to watch with fans of the host country is Red Square Restaurant and Banquet Hall in North York. They will have broadcast of all the host country games in Russian and the covered outdoor patio is fantastic, but seats are limited. Oh, and beer is pretty expensive there. Just a warning.


Fédération Tricolore de Toronto has organized two viewings at the restaurant-bakery Ricarda’s at 134 Peter St, Toronto. The two games are France-Peru on Thursday, June 21st and France-Denmark on Tuesday, June 26th.


El Rincon will again be an epicentre for fans of the most southern co-co-hosts of the 2026 World Cup, Mexico. They will open early for all the Mexican games and their fantastic patio is a gem. I shot there in 2014, check out photos at World Cup in Toronto.


Club Uruguay in Concord is the ideal choice for Uruguay fans. I was fortunate enough to witness the surprising upset of England with their fans in 2014, and the pictures are pretty epic, broken leg and all. Take a look at World Cup in Toronto. The address is 101 Freshway Drive, Concord, ON.


Etobicoke will be a great spot for Serbian World Cup fans. With restaurants like Zam, Bonimi, and Royal Meats all within a close proximity, it’s a literal epicentre.


Belgium Connect @belgiumconnect has tweeted locations for Red Devil supporters for each of the games, thought he June 23rd game is still TBA. Here is their schedule at the moment:
June 18, 11 am ~ Belgium vs Panama at @RealMoMos 51 Colborne St. Toronto, ON M5E 1E3 (647) 343-8801 info@realmomos.com
June 23, 8 am ~ Belgium vs Tunisia, location TBA
June 28, 2 pm ~ Belgium vs England at the Football Factory, 164 Bathurst St.


You can pretty much guarantee an English supporter in every bar in the city, and there are dozens of solid choices for English pubs in Toronto. Some of the more significant ones, amongst many, are Opera Bob’s Public House, The Piston, any of The Duke Pubs, Queen and Beaver and many, many more.


Lots of great bars will host huge numbers of loud and proud fans from Brazil. I’ve had great success on both St. Clair Avenue West, College Avenue West and Dundas Avenue West, just look for the yellow jerseys and flags. A specific location you can try is Rio 40 on St. Clair West but if that is jammed, just look for the next crowd outside another bar.


It took me a while to find supporters of Panama. I had not heard anything before their first game, but driving along St. Clair Avenue West, I knew I would find the a row of cars with Panama flags and a bar packed with supporters. Sure enough, L&T Bar Caffe at 1068 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON was the spot, and will be for all other Panama games in 2018.


While I’m a little biased, as I live in the neighbourhood, Roncesvalles is the tried and true destination to watch the FIFA World Cup in Toronto with Polish fans. I recommend Chopin Restaurant at 165 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto, ON as a starter, and if it’s too packed or you want to try something else, The Dizzy, Round the Horn and Gabby’s have GREAT sports viewing atmospheres.

There are many great list of where to watch the World Cup in Toronto.

2018 Lists:

Dished has a comprehensive list of over 30 bars that will be World Cup hubs over the next month. It’s a well researched list with a few very specific bars named for specific teams. Bravo Daily Hive.
BlogTO put together a pretty thorough list of locations, with both country specific bars/restaurants and neutral ground sites for best viewing.
The Toronto Sun has put together a list of the 10 best bars to watch World Cup matches in Toronto. It’s a solid list of bars that are guaranteed to have a passionate crowd.
Flare has a decent list of places to watch in the eight major cities in Canada including five+ standard venues in Toronto.

2014 Lists:

Globe & Mail – Includes a map of the city with flag pins, very cool. First ten on the list seem spot on, but I’m not entirely sure the bottom 22 are the best spots for each country.
BlogTO – Lists 60 places to watch the World Cup in Toronto, but borrows heavily from the Globe and Mail. Google map with all the locations listed.
Seetorontonow.com – Provides a list similar to the top ten in the Globe & Mail but has regional food suggestions many of the listed locations, nice touch.
Huffington Post – Long list of bars with likeliest team affiliations. Don’t agree with a lot of the pairings and a lot of the teams are missing, but it’s a nice list of bars that will be showing the games in and around the city.
Inside Toronto – Lists a few of the more popular locations in the city.

Done a little more research myself and am putting together a list of the best places from the various lists, or from my own experience. These are all confirmed hot spots. Happy viewing. Will be adding teams as we go and I confirm more spots.

United States – The Office, 117 John St, Toronto, ON. Stopped by here for the United States last game in the first round. Such a big bar, loads of great places to watch the game, including multiple patios. Even more impressive, as advertised, they do bring out the visually patriotic US crowd which is not always easy to find north of the border.

Belgium – The place to be for Belgium fans is the ABInBev Labatt headquarters at 207 Queens Quay West in the Queen’s Quay Terminal in Toronto. It’s on the second floor in the back of the building, take the escalators up and take a right. Tickets are $25 and there is beer and food, families are welcome. You can buy tickets and find more details on the Belgian Canadian Business Chamber event page.

Nigeria and Ghana – The Suya Spot will be a hot spot for many of the African countries, especially Nigeria and Ghana. The address is 10-12 Bradstock Rd. in Toronto, ON which is basically Weston Rd. north of Sheppard. The Harlem Underground, 745 Queen St W, Toronto, ON is also taking credit of being the African World Cup headquarters in the GTA. I’m planning on stopping by on Monday to see if that lives up to the hype.

Iran – The Iranian Students Association at York University have set up a game watch at Boston Pizza at Yonge & Sheppard, 4841 Yonge St., Toronto, ON. I have recently confirmed that they will be there for all three games. Another option is the Toronto Iranian Plaza. This is less specific, but a good bet for Persian fans. The address is roughly 6075 Yonge St, anything north of Finch, south of Steeles.

Germany – Apparently over 250 German fans will be heading to The Antler Room (Lower level of Loose Moose), 146 Front Street West, Toronto for the Monday June 16 game versus Portugal. Won’t want to miss that game. Other places are Blue Danube, 1686 Ellesmere Road in Scarborough, The German Canadian Club at the Hansa Haus, 6650 Hurontario St in Mississauga and of course The Musket, 40 Advance Road in Etobicoke will be open for all the games.

Bosnia and Herzegovina – New word from the Bosnia and Herzegovina fans is that the place to be for the match on Saturday, June 21 versus Nigeria is Real Sports Bar and Grill in Maple Leaf Square. There is a festival at Celebration Square in Mississauge so that is NOT a place to watch the World Cup this Saturday. Check out more information on the Bosnia facebook event page. As for the first game, it’s past now so you missed it, the game versus Argentina, Bosnia & Herzegovina will be gather at the Square One Boston Pizza in Mississauga for the Sunday matched versus Argentina.

Croatia – Croatia Restaurant in Mississauga, 1989 Dundas St E, Mississauga, ON.

Brazil – Loads of places, but I’m going to head to Brazilian Star Bar & Grill, 1242 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON.

Cameroon – Yauca’s Lounge, 755 Dovercourt Road, Toronto, ON.

Mexico – El Rincon, 653 St Clair Avenue West, Toronto, ON.

Spain – Cafe Hispano, 3465 Dundas St. West, Toronto, ON.

Netherlands – School, 70 Fraser Ave in Liberty Village, Toronto, ON.

Chile – La Rosa Chilena, 760 Wilson Ave in North York, Toronto, ON.

Australia – Tranzac – Toronto Australia & New Zealand Club, 292 Brunswick Ave, Toronto, ON.

Colombia – Colombia Mia, 3038 Hurontario St., Mississauga, ON – RESERVATIONS NEEDED.

Greece – Danforth strip between Broadview and Greenwood has a lot of options.

Uruguay – Club Uruguay, 101 Freshway Drive, Concord, ON – Free Entrance.

Costa Rica – Latin Fiesta Restaurant 1002 St Clair Ave West, Toronto, ON. Will be open for all the World Cup games as they usually only open at 4:00pm.

England – Tonnes of great bars for this, I recommend Skallywags, 11 St Clair Ave West, or Duke of York, 39 Prince Arthur Ave, both in Toronto.

Italy – Loads of great places, but make sure you’re on College Street or St. Clair Avenue West. I certainly prefer College Street, start at Cafe Diplomatico, 594 College St, but unless you’re there early, you won’t get in.

2010 Lists:

Post City – Lists every country, thorough list.
Globe and Mail – Another great list, though it looks like the google map they made is no longer functioning.
TorontoWorldCup.blogspot.ca – A man on the street blog about the experience watching each of the games, really enjoyable and informative, with information on the games themselves.
BlogTO – Nice summary of the major teams.

Interactive Map:

Below is the map that I’ve made based on my experience shooting the World Cup fans in Toronto during the 2006, 2010 and soon 2014. As of right now, the blue arrows are from the 2006 World Cup. The green arrows are for 2010 teams. Best places for 2014 will be added in yellow as soon as I get the chance. The best way to see the map is to click on the “World Cup Venues in Toronto” link at the bottom and open it in a large map, then you’ll be able to see a list of all the countries names on the left hand side of the map.

View World Cup Venues in Toronto in a larger map

Where to watch the World Cup in Toronto.

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