• Croatia World Cup Finals Toronto Mississauga Croatia Park
    2018,  Croatia

    Croatia – 2018 Finals

    This being my fourth year shooting the World Cup in Toronto photography project, I’ve still only once been with there to photograph fans of the country that won the championship in real time. In 2006 I was on College Street…

  • England World Cup Toronto Opera Bobs
    2018,  England

    England – 2018

    This wasn’t my first attempt at Opera Bob’s to watch an England 2018 World Cup match. It’s a small place and they reach capacity pretty quickly, especially when England is doing something pretty magical. I had missed the previous match,…

  • Russia World Cup Toronto Fans
    2018,  Russia

    Russia – 2018

    My first venue to view the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Toronto was Red Square Restaurant. I was hoping to catch fans of the host nation celebrating both a win and the pride of being a host country. It was…

  • Brazil World Cup Toronto Fans
    2018,  Brazil

    Brazil – 2018

    During the course of the 2018 World Cup, I had seen seen a few bars that jumped out at me as places I wanted to visit later in the tournament. Vivid was one of them. After one of the earlier…

  • England World Cup Toronto Fans
    2018,  Colombia,  England

    England – 2018

    As Scallywags is an authentic English football headquarters, and the fact I had got some amazing photos of Colombia fans in Toronto 2014, I decided to say put for the afternoon match. The anticipation for the clash of England and…

  • Sweden World Cup Toronto Fans
    2018,  Sweden

    Sweden – 2018

    This is one legitimate Sweden fan, and they are harder to find than you think. I had suggestions from the Consulate General of Sweden, Toronto to try either the Gull & Firkin in the Beaches or Scallywags. I started at…

  • Belgium World Cup Toronto
    2018,  Belgium,  Japan

    Belgium – 2018

    In the knockout round, when choosing which team to photograph, I usually go for the underdog. The theory is that if the underdog wins, then they will be even that much more pumped. If the underdog is defeated, well, it…

  • Croatia World Cup Toronto
    2018,  Croatia

    Croatia – 2018

    The last time I was in Croatia Parish Park was in 2006, there were no goals in the match, it was relatively borning, but I remember it fondly and have always loved the checkered uniforms of the Croatian fans. With…

  • Portugal World Cup Toronto
    2018,  Portugal

    Portugal – 2018

    There are so many great Portuguese focused bars in Toronto, it’s hard to pick just one. As for some teams, I like to just wander the most likely intersections and find a bar that looks the most intriguing. Plus, I…

  • France World Cup Toronto
    2018,  France

    France – 2018

    The first game of the 2018 FIFA World Cup knockout round was a pure gem, with back and forth scoring and a full seven goals scored. With Argentina going home and France feeling as confident as ever, it is yet…

  • Germany World Cup Toronto
    2018,  Germany

    Germany – 2018

    Wow. Germany, the reigning world champions, will not advance to the knockout stage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. I’ve watched a lot of World Cup games here in Toronto, and this was by far the most nervously intense crowd…

  • Egypt World Cup Toronto
    2018,  Egypt,  Saudi Arabia

    Egypt – 2018

    I do my best to photograph teams as early in the tournament as possible, ideally game one or two. With Egypt, despite heroic attempts to catch game two, I was left capturing fans for their third and final game. Considering…

  • Senegal World Cup Toronto
    2018,  Senegal

    Senegal – 2018

    Senegal, you won the hearts of the world in the opening round! With your glorious warm-ups, a magnanimous coach, fans cleaning up after themselves, not to mention, stellar play-making, you quite quickly became the team so many were cheering for.…