• Iran World Cup Toronto
    2018,  Iran

    Iran – 2018

    I’ve had some really great experiences with Iranian fans over my 12 years doing this project. In fact, an Iranian fan in 2006 was the first and only fan to hand me a flag from their country. I still have…

  • Panama World Cup Toronto
    2018,  Panama

    Panama – 2018

    It took me a while to find supporters of Panama. I had not had any significant leads before their first game, I knew I would find a row of cars with Panama flags and a bar packed with supporters somewhere…

  • Peru World Cup Toronto 2018
    2018,  Peru

    Peru – 2018

    There were a number of great bars and restaurants to watch the World Cup with Peru fans in the GTA, but I’m so glad I stuck with my gut and headed to Mochica on College St. Not only was it…

  • Iceland World Cup Toronto
    2018,  Iceland

    Iceland – 2018

    I was slightly worried about finding fans of the smallest country ever to qualify for the FIFA World Cup, but the Icelandic Canadian Club of Toronto organized a viewing at The Football Factory on Bathurst and Iceland fans responded. Although…

  • Spain World Cup Toronto 2018
    2018,  Spain

    Spain – 2018

    What a wild game! Down early, ahead late, only to draw in the final minutes by a hat-trick from Ronaldo, it’s an instant classic. Of course, I only watched the first half with the Spanish fans gathered at Tapas at…

  • Morocco World Cup in Toronto
    2018,  Iran,  Morocco

    Morocco – 2018

    At the very last minute I got wind of a gathering of Moroccan fans for their first game of the 2018 FIFA World Cup at Jack Astor’s on Front Street. About a dozen supporters trickled in over the first half…

  • 2014,  Argentina

    Argentina – 2014

    Sky Ranch Restaurant was unanimously picked as the place to be in Toronto to watch Argentina in the World Cup. I hadn’t been there yet, and what better time to go than during a semi-final game! Turns out to be…

  • 2014,  Russia

    Russia – 2014

    I didn’t think it was going to be so difficult to find the Russians. As one of only four new teams in the 2014 World Cup for me to photograph, they were an ESSENTIAL team for me to find this…

  • 2014,  Colombia

    Colombia – 2014

    I have to admit, I kind of stumbled into this one, but what a great find. I had heard the Colombian community in Toronto was around the Keele and Sheppard area, but I didn’t have a specific location scouted out.…

  • 2014,  Uruguay

    Uruguay – 2014

    Another fantastic game, huge surprise, and I was so excited to be with the Uruguay fans when they scored their first goal against England. I wish more countries made their own club like Club Uruguay, not only does it make…

  • 2014,  Greece

    Greece – 2014

    I stopped by the Danforth for about ten minutes of a rather uninteresting game in the World Cup 2014. Turns out, I missed the great Greek game, which shut down the Danforth on June 24th. Still, it was an impressive…

  • World Cup in Toronto - Fans from All World Cup Countries in GTA
    2014,  Chile

    Chile – 2014

    Wow. Spain is out, Chile has advanced. Still one game to go in the first round. Wow. Deep breath…. and I don’t even really like soccer, but wow, deep breath… Unfortunately, I missed the first half and the two Chilean…

  • 2014,  Cameroon

    Cameroon – 2014

    Having already checked out The Suya Spot and Harlem Underground as potential African World Cup Team watching spots, I decided to check out Yauca’s Lounge. After the closing of Chez La Belle Africaine, a hot spot for Cameroon fans for…

  • 2014,  Mexico

    Mexico – 2014

    Although the game finished as a 0-0 draw, it was a fantastic game and very much considered a win by the Mexican fans. I decided to head over to El Rincon Mexicano to see what all the hype was about…

  • 2014,  Belgium

    Belgium – 2014

    Huge first-game comeback win for Belgium. While these photos may not be the best representation of what this venue or fan base can be in Toronto, there is no question this will be a great place to be in the…